About NessmaNET™

Who are we?

NessmaNET™ is a Libyan company specializing in telecommunications, information technology and networking services. Our company has grown to be one of the leading companies in this field.  NessmaNET™ the First Internet Service Provider in Southern Libya.

About the services?


  • NessmaNET™ is the first Internet network to provide professional services in the regions and cities of the South of Libya at high speeds and high quality prices at reasonable prices.
  • NessmaNET™ provides Internet services for individuals, companies and institutions in both public and private sectors.
  • NessmaNET™ is an Internet provider established with the best international specifications and the latest hardware and software available.
  • NessmaNET™ high speed Internet at affordable prices.

1The first in the southern Libyan
6Main Service Centers
24Area covered by service
325Client upon launch

Our goals

Leading in providing services to our customers

Develop and elevate to high standards of professional and ethical standards.

To take care of our customers, meet their desires and exceed their expectations.

To be our “Preferred Partner & Perfect Service” for our customers.

Vision & Ambition

To make our company in the ranks of local companies through multiple plans, both short and long term, in order to reach levels that meet the needs and desires and aspirations of our customers, and to rise to the highest standards of quality and professional performance in order to achieve our goals towards a society based on our social responsibility.

High quality, High speed internet

NessmaNET™ connects you wherever you are!