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NessmaNET™ service will be available soon in the southern Libyan cities. To request an initial subscription to the service please fill in the form below and the service team will contact you soon to complete the rest of the procurement and installation procedures as soon as the service starts.

Why NessmaNET™ ?

  • NessmaNET™ is a service that provides the Internet at speeds and new speeds at reasonable prices.
  • NessmaNET™ is the first Internet network to be launched in the Libyan South to meet the needs and desires of users.
  • NessmaNET™ provides Internet services for individuals, companies and institutions in both public and private sectors.
  • NessmaNET™ provide a High speed Internet at affordable prices.

We thank you for your interest and we will be happy to provide the best level of service to you.

  • When applying for NessmaNET™ services, the customer must contact the nearest authorized agent with his personal proof. The participant acknowledges that all the information and data provided to the company are true and complete and in case of change, he must notify the company immediately.
  • The contract period starts from the date of payment of the invoice and activation of the service and continues during the renewal of subscription and payment of the bills.
  • Working days all days of the week except on Fridays, Saturdays and public holidays.
  • The company provides technical support services to subscribers during official working hours through existing telephone numbers or through e-mail.
  • If the service is interrupted, the defect will be processed by taking action as soon as possible.
  • The company is committed to providing services to the customer according to the required professional care.
  • Does not guarantee the operation of the services in cases of interruptions from the source due to technical or external reasons. The company may need to discontinue service for maintenance or network repairs. In any event, the subscriber is not entitled to claim reimbursement or claim compensation.
  • The Company is committed to providing services to the Subscriber through its authorized agents.
  • If the subscriber wishes to add, activate or upgrade any service, he / she must follow the specific instructions for each service.
  • The subscriber shall not disclose his contract data including contract number and confidential numbers to avoid unauthorized use.
  • The company is not entitled to exploit the subscriber’s personal information for any purpose.
  • The Company shall maintain the data and movement of the account of the Participant and shall not disclose this except by request via e-mail or in the presence of the subscriber personally.
  • Inquiries, advice and complaints are received by subscribers through existing phone numbers or by e-mail.

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Download NessmaNET™ APP

NessmaNET™ APP is now available on application stores. Enjoy all the services of purchasing and recharging the balance with ease, in addition to the ability to change the package, know the details of your account in terms of balance & validity, the ability to communicate with technical support, view the packages, follow all the new offers, discounts with ease. And at full speed.

NesmaNET™ connects you wherever you are!