NessmaNET™ is the first professional Internet service in the South of Libya, providing high-speed Internet access using Wi-Fi wireless technology so that the subscriber can connect to the Internet with the best quality in remote areas.
The first in its region

NessmaNET™ is the first Internet network to be launched in the South of Libya to meet the needs and desires of users.

Professional service

NessmaNET™ High-speed Internet at affordable rates and coverage of what you call Win.

Open options

NessmaNET™ provides Internet services for individuals, companies and institutions in both public and private sectors.

Local Economic Network

NessmaNET™ is a service that provides the Internet at new speeds and speeds at affordable prices.

NessmaNET™ offers you a wide choice of service packages that meet your needs in different business or personal and home use.

Why Choose NessmaNET™ ?

IT reach the farthest point!

We are proud to provide the first professional internet service in the South of Libya, with the service of distinguished customers to gain the largest space of confidence and to establish a lasting relationship with their success.
Our offered

The most important feature of NessmaNET™

The first Internet network to provide professional services in the regions and cities of the south of Libya.

Providing Internet services to individuals, companies and institutions in both public and private sectors.

Internet provider established with the best international specifications and the latest hardware and software available.

High-speed internet service Premium packages at reasonable prices.

High performance, easy to use and high reliability in communication.

24-hour service continuity based on more than one Internet access point with support through the Customer Service and Support Center.

Stable speed for (Upload, Download).

The latest broadband WiFi technology and high quality outperform all competitors.

Download NessmaNET™ APP

NessmaNET™ APP is now available on application stores. Enjoy all the services of purchasing and recharging the balance with ease, in addition to the ability to change the package, know the details of your account in terms of balance & validity, the ability to communicate with technical support, view the packages, follow all the new offers, discounts with ease. And at full speed.

NesmaNET™ connects you wherever you are!